Tag: Synnergy

✤ When the light gets too much. . .

∴ Light is good. It allows us to see, and provides us with warmth. The hearth, the fire, the sun. . . they are all essential to life.
Still, though. . . sometimes, the light becomes too much. We see excessively, the warmth gets strangling, and we just yearn. . . for some dark, and solitude.

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✤ Web of lies. . .

∴ Her people had been friendly for days, now. Her, first and foremost, had always worn a smile, and brought offerings. It was with astonishment that he caught her sight, knife in hand and ready to strike. Thankfully, his reflexes pushed the shield up. . .

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✤ Finally, the air is thicker…

∴Something feels a little old
Just a little too familiar
Like I’ve done this all before, or read the story
And it’s fair, I suppose,
To dismiss it, obtrusive
Feel apart and not at home
Just like I’m used to.

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